The following projects demonstrate the range of services offered.

 Client:  City of San Clemente

 Contact:  Brandon Howard, Utilities Operations Supervisor Sewer Division, 949-245-9132, HowardB@san- 

Description:  I served as a temporary Grade III Operator to fill a vacancy at the conventional activated sludge Water Reclamation Plant for six weeks.  I was hired through Aqua Staffing, Sheetal "Shay" Chadha, Managing Director, 424-282-8040, 

Client:  Hazen and Sawyer

Contact:  Gwen Flora, CCM, Senior Associate Hazen and Sawyer,602-799-8388 (cell)

Description:  I was hired to provide operations assistance during and after construction for the proposed Chromium 6 Removal Project for the Coachella Valley Water District.  When this project was not awarded, I stayed on providing operations and marketing support for several months.

Client:  HDR

Contact:  Chris Malinowski, PE, Program Manager, Operations and Maintenance, 713-576-3671

Description:  I developed content for the Electronic Operations Manual HDR was developing for the San Jose Water Company‚Äôs new membrane water treatment facility in Los Gatos, Ca.

Client:  Huffmaster

Contact:  Joe Scanlon, Recruiter, 248-397-1130,

Description:  Huffmaster contracted me to provide emergency wastewater operator staffing services for a confidential pharmaceutical client facing a labor strike.  The strike never happened but I did earn a Grade 2 Wastewater Operator Certificate for the Commonwealth of Virginia while standing by in Virginia.

Client:  DR Consultants and Designers

Contact:  Kumar Jain, Project Manager, 213-235-0934,

Description:  DRC brought me on to provide Certified Operator services at the City of Los Angeles D. C. Tillman Water Reclamation Facility during a major SCADA upgrade.

Client:  City of Watsonville, Ca.

Contact:  Jan Guy, WW Division Manager, (831) 768-3175,

Description:  I  prepareed a contingency plan for the Water Reclamation Facility to be used in case of an excursion, Unit Process Management Strategies and I provided assistance with the HachWims database.