MBR Technology
Among the highlights of the plant expansion is the incorporation of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology. MBR will provide reliable and high quality reusable water while minimizing the modifications needed to existing infrastructure. [MBR technology]
The expanded plant will utilize a "LEAPmbr" system which offers multiple advantages over previous MBR technologies. In particular the RWQCP will benefit from the system’s air scour aeration system. LEAPmbr also increases plant productivity, reduces the energy cost associated with air scouring, and works on a smaller footprint to help conserve space and save on construction costs.

The years from 2011 to 2016 were spent at the Riverside Regional Water Quality Control Plant in Riverside, CA.  I started as a Senior Operator and retired as an Operations Supervisor.

As a Senior I had responsibility for the assigned shift operations supervising between 2 and 6 operators and dispatcher.

As Supervisor I was responsible for maintaining compliance during a $250 million upgrade to a 26 MGD Membrane Bioreactor process including four MBR trains, new primary clarifiers, fine screens and anaerobic digesters.  I was also in charge of implementing the Electronic Operations Manual, assisting in the implementation of new Lockout Tagout procedures and general administrative duties.