Water Opsmacon was created to provide O&M consulting services to design engineers, contractors, municipalities, vendors, manufacturers and industrial clients in the water and wastewater treatment industries.

Specific services include:

  1. Design review for operability and maintainability
  2. Support during startup and commissioning including loop testing
  3. Operator training
  4. Process troubleshooting
  5. Operating procedures
  6. Electronic and paper operations manuals content development
  7. Electronic operations manuals software selection consulting and support
  8. Computerized Maintenance Management System selection and implementation
  9. HachWims Implementation and Support
  10. Temporary staffing including Chief Plant Operator

Current certifications:

  1. California Grade 5 Wastewater Treatment

Past certifications:

  1. California T3 Water Treatment
  2. California D3 Water  Distribution
  3. Arizona Grade 4 Wastewater Treatment, Collections, Water Treatment and Water Distribution
  4. Certified Environmental Trainer Water and Wastewater Treatment NESHTA

All services are available in English and Spanish.

                         Water and Wastewater Treatment O&M Services